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The initial reports were that the driver did not survive the accident.

Praise God that I heard that my dad was safe and alert in the hospital before I saw the news article and images of the crash. This past Thanksgiving was a bit crazy for my family, with my dad involved in this terrible accident. But at a time when many might ask why something like this can occur, I’m dumbfounded by the question of how someone could survive this (answer: only by the grace of God). I went to go see the car up close, and it just added to my confusion. (They needed to cut the door off the car to pull my dad out, which what is sticking up out of the passenger side of the car in the following iPhone pics)

It is purely by the grace of God that my dad survived this crash with limited injuries. We are so thankful for his protection during the accident, as it obviously could be so much worse. He was released from the hospital this weekend, and now begins recovery at home, so please continue to keep him and our family in prayer during this time.
I’m also very thankful for all the support and care from our close friends, family and community- it’s always an encouragement to know there are so many people willing to help even with just words/texts/emails of help.
Also, just a special thanks in advance to everyone (especially current couples/clients) for your patience, as I’ve been a bit slow recently in email responses and updates regarding images/albums/etc. I’m still working towards meeting deadlines and such, but obviously editing had taken a backseat in recent days.

It’s a bit funny how a week ago, my mind was thinking about the busyness of multiple family Thanksgiving dinners and possible Black Friday breakfasts with friends, and ultimately was just brought back to a place of being thankful. It’s a bit cliche sometimes be thankful for every breath that you can take, but during times like you stop taking those simple, basic things for granted and start being thankful all over again. Hope you all were able to have a truly thankful Thanksgiving weekend!