It’s happened!  I finally came up with a name and posted a new video!  Woo hoo!

The vide blog entries are going to be called “The Blender – a delicate mix of business, life and all things baller.”  This name came out of nowhere a few weeks ago and not by reader suggestion, but I still feel like I should give away the $10 iTunes gift card.  It only seems fitting to give it to a duo that seemed to have tried the hardest- Raina and Rincey from up my Wisconsin e-mailed me a list of 20 names!  (Of course, a few were just duplicates that ended with ‘in under 5 minutes’, but still!)  Here are a couple of their suggestions:
-“Rarely Updated Report”
-“Nate in a Nutshell”
-“Nate to the Point”

So congratulations guys…I’ll get you your ‘winnings’ shortly.

Now on to the video!  It’s a little ‘getting to know you’ one, and would love to get some feedback!  Let me know what you think, other things you’d like to hear me talk about, and also share along with me.  That’s the only way to make this blog more of a discussion and it helps me know I’m not talking to myself :)