Here’s a little shoutout for a friend of mine being creative (I love when people get creative!).

Jenny and I were on the campus of the University of Illinois (Urbana, Champaign) at the same time during my college career, and she served as a mentor/overseer for the Indian Christian Fellowship out there (where I served).  She got married a few years back and has since moved out to the west coast in California and started creating some awesome “handmade originals“!  Now, I’m not a big candle guy or anything like that, but these things look AWESOME!  I’m seriously thinking of picking up some of her ‘Daring and Delicate Tea Cups’ for myself.  Here’s a pic pulled from her facebook fan page.

Just wanted to get the word out there about these cool new candles out there.  You can check out all her products and order her stuff at her Etsy page, and then go be a fan of her Facebook page.