This past weekend, my groomsmen took me up to Wisconsin for my bachelor party!  My wedding is less than 4 months away, and though we’ve got taken care of, there’s still a good amount left to do and it was nice to take a break for a weekend with the guys.  Even though the weather wasn’t that nice to us with scattered rains, we still had a great time.

Bachelor Party

Initial plans were to go boating, but the downpour slowed that down.  After we got settled in our lodge, we wandered around to some indoor locations, and came upon Knuckleheads for some bowling.  It was another bowling day where I DIDN’T break 200, but at least I didn’t have a sub-120 showing, right?  Afterwards, we decided that it wasn’t raining hard enough to stop us from a little outdoor activities.  So in the drizzle we went out for a little go-karting!  The rain shut down 3 of the 4 tracks, but we were able to get two races in before they shut the last one down because of slick roads.  On our way out to get lunch, the guys saw a mini-roller coaster that was still running (the big one shut down due to the rain).  Now, I’m not a big roller-coaster guy…I hadn’t really ridden one in over 10 years, pre-high school.  It’s something about the feeling that the bars don’t truly have me secured.  I loved it when I was younger, but growing up I just got over it.  But much to my protest, I was forced on this 30 second ride.  It truly was such quite a rush (almost enjoyable/entertaining), except for my knees banging into the cart in front of me.

The ride ended with a steep drop…a little too steep I guess.  Out from my pocket flew my wallet and iPhone!  I was being whipped so much around that I didn’t even notice it happened!  Getting off the cart was when I realized that it was missing.  After searching the top level, we walked under the ride to try to find everything (it was safe…they shut down this ride after our ride too!)  My roommate first spotted my wallet that had my credit cards thrown on the grass just under the drop – surprisingly everything was there (except maybe $20 in cash).  We kept looking around a bit before my brother-in-law was able to spot my iPhone!  Underneath the track, falling on some leaf-covered concrete, lay my precious phone.  We jumped down and pulled it out- touchscreen worked, incoming/outgoing calls worked, camera worked, twitter/internet worked!  Not only that, the glass was in perfect shape, except for a bit of dust that got underneath and 2 dead pixels!  The back, however, ended up with quite a few battle scars.  The following picture doesn’t quite do justice to the torture the phone went through, but next time you see me I’ll let you feel the deep ridges- looks like the trade-in value of this phone just went down a bit :/

Bachelor Party

After dinner and a quick stop at the casino (where I quickly lost another $20 on roulette), we headed back to the lodge for some 6-player monopoly.  They showed me know mercy even though it was my bachelor party, and I got knocked out 5th in the 4 hour game, but it was definitely fun times!  I love games where you can play for hours and its always a new experience.  Computer/video games just don’t have that same effect.

Bachelor Party

Sunday morning, we got breakfast over at Paul Bunyan’s all-you-can-eat breakfast joint – great donuts, pancakes, and eggs.  Surprisingly our stomachs just weren’t big enough, and only lasted two servings.  Still a great meal that I recommend if you ever make your way out to the Dells area.

Bachelor Party

All in all, a great time off for me from the wedding planning as well as the shooting season.  Though iI’m a bit under the weather, I’m starting to feel more refreshed, and getting ready to get back into editing and shooting.  Look out people, I’m back! :)

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