Last night a I got together with a few friends to watch the NCAA championship match between Michigan State and North Carolina.  I was obviously cheering one MSU for two reasons:

(1)  Big Ten Love
(2)  2005.  UNC defeated ILL during our miraculous tournament run.  I will never let that go.

Well, all the wishing and hoping and praying in the world couldn’t stop MSU from getting owned- UNC just played solid basketball start to finish, and MSU did not.  So with that, congrats UNC.

In addition, mad props go out to amoney71 who won the 2009 Nate Mathai Photography NCAA Tournament Challenge.  1 of 5 contenders picking UNC to take it all, he won by 30 points overall.  (I, on the other hand, finished in a respectable 17th.  Bah!)  It’s nice when your bracket has this much green in it:

NCAA Tournament

So as promised, amoney71 will be receiving the title of “Baller of the Year” and an iTunes gift card.  Thanks everyone for playing!