This past weekend the wife and I decided to make a quick trip up to Apple Holler in Sturtevant, Wisconsin for some good ol’ apple picking.  Actually, the main purpose for the trip really was just to get some apple donuts.  When we were in undergrad, there was an apple orchard near the campus which people would go to all the time, but this trip to Wisconsin was about half the distance so we settled.

This was probably the most helpful map I’ve ever seen.

What, how do you guys go apple picking?

OK, so it cost about $40 to get a bag and go pick apples straight from the trees. It’s a pretty big bag, but we really did care for that many apples. If you go with a group of people, it’s more worthwhile as you split that cost as well as all the apples. So instead, we just picked from the bins outside before getting our apple donuts. I think it was just as fun.

Welcome to November everybody!