• [Cubbies] After destroying the Nationals to start the second half of the season (woo hoo!) we got a quick dose of reality getting hurt bad by the Phillies today.  I’m looking on the bright side though – we’re #2 in the Central and ready to make our move!  Let’s Go Cubs!
  • [To Catch A Predator] Have you guys seen these shows on Nightline?  On MSNBC they’ve been showing these series from the Nigerian scam artists to men soliciting minors via internet chat rooms.  And though its disgusting to see these stories, at the same time I keep getting entertained watching these men wait in a living room expecting to see a 14 year old girl walk out, and then Chris Hansen comes through and just starts talking to them.  And they all sit there and have a pretty lengthy conversation too!
  • [25] It happened.  This past friday I reached the ripe old age of 25.  It’s crazy!  I mean, everyone thought I was old before, but now I’m actually 25.  And in less than a month I’ll be known as a husband!  What is this world coming to!?  Thanks again for all the phone calls/voicemails/text/email/facebook/twitter messages- I definitely felt the love!
  • [Birthday Dinner] Even though my fiancee is taking the BAR exam in a week and a half (keep up the prayers!) she still made time to take me out to dinner on Saturday evening.  It was a great time for both of us to take a break from the madness of everything, and just relax and enjoy a meal and dessert.  We won’t have too many moments like this before the wedding, so we’re definitely soaking it up.
  • [Birthdays/Anniversaries] In addition to my birthday a few days back, my family has quite a few celebrations going on in the month of July.  My parents’ wedding anniversary and my sister’s wedding anniversary was on July 14th, her in-laws anniversary on the 15th, my brother-in-law’s birthday on the 22nd, my other sister’s anniversary on July 26th, and her birthday on the 30th.  That’s part of the reason why we scheduled my wedding for August :)  To celebrate, the extended fam went out to Buca di Beppo for some good Italian dining.  As an added bonus, my niece made me a birthday book!  After reading it there, she also suggested I read it before I go to sleep. And read it to other people too.  Consider this you being read to :)

[2009.07.20] Monday Night Recap

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