• [Wedding RSVPs] Wedding planning is definitely in full swing (obviously), and the deadline for our ‘friends and family’ to respond is July 9th.  Here are some stats for you guys:  including our relatives in India, our invited guest list is 1095 people, with 446 invitations sent out.  We currently received 184 rsvp’s, meaning there are still a little over 200 invitations still left to be sent back to us within the next 3 days (supposedly).  Any guesses on how many people we’ll actually need to call in a week to see if they’re coming?
  • [Furniture] When I was an undergrad at the University of Illinois in Urbana-Champaign, all the apartments came fully furnished.  That was the life.  It was a bit of shock for me to get used to the idea of getting our own place, and THEN having to furnish it as well.  But I digress.  This past weekend, the fiancee and I went furniture shopping, and ended up at the RoomPlace.  I know there’s commission on these sales for them, but seriously, they are vultures!  The first time we went, the salesperson literally stood 15 feet away from us at all times just watching us, and every 5-10 minutes would come in and give us some info about furniture options.  Personally, I like to have a little time to think about things, so this definitely was not conducive for me.  We left their empty handed, but filled with ideas.  We went to another store location the next day, where after a bit of time, we finalized the purchases for our bedroom, dining room, and living room.  Everything went smoothly up until the time the salesman added $1,000 worth of warranties mattress pads.  We then spent another 45 minutes convincing them to take it off- definitely not a way I would want to spend 45 minutes on a Sunday afternoon.  In the end though, we ordered our furniture, and are making strides to starting our lives together post-marriage.
  • [Fireworks] Here’s a sad fact: I was born and raised in the Chicagoland area, am going to be 25 years old soon, and have never been to the Taste of Chicago nor the Naperville Ribfest.  This year was no different.  HOWEVER, after the furniture shopping on Saturday, my fiancee and I went to a local firework show, which is still quite entertaining.  It amazes me to see hundreds of people just standing around staring at sparks flying in the sky- and I have to admit I too was doing the same thing.  I’m still not sure if I truly celebrated the independence of this nation or if I celebrated loud explosions and bright lights.
  • [MSL] This Sunday was the start of the 3rd season of the Men’s Summer Basketball League that my home church hosts, and the first one I didn’t participate in.  With the busy-ness of shoots and wedding prep, I wasn’t able to commit to the 4 weekends this year, but I heard it was a great turnout with great games.  (Interesting note: It took only 5 days for us to reach maximum capacity for the league this year!  We definitely need to find some funds to get a bigger gym in order to get more people involved)  If you guys are in the area on Sundays in July, definitely come check out the competition!
  • [Birthdays] In my group of college friends, it somehow has worked out that majority of us share a birthday-ish with another member of the group, so we generally do dual-celebrations throughout the year.  July is my month, with my friend’s birthday on the 13th and mine on the 17th.  We went out and got chinese food at Mee Mah’s in Chicago, and then just hung out and caught up on what’s going on in everyone’s life.  Since we only are able to get together every other month or so, we normally end off with each person just updating on their lives- great way to reconnect with everyone.  It’s crazy that the next time we meet up like this, I’ll be married!
  • [Cubbies] Where the heck has the baseball season gone?!  I’ve barely watched any games this year, and it’s almost the all-star break.  But lately, my Cubbies have been turning things around, finally getting some production from D.Lee, and Ramirez just got off the DL.  That’s all great news, and I’m looking forward to the second half of the season.
  • [A Picture?] Obviously, you guys really only care about the images here, so it’d be rude of me not to post anything with this post.  Here’s a few that I don’t think you’ve seen before.  Last year in preparation for my sister’s wedding, we had to clean out our basement where I stumbled upon quite a few treasures (some of which are still down in storage)- the evolution of land lines, an old record player, numerous bibles, my old sports card collections, and even newspapers I collected.  Enjoy!

[2009.07.06] Monday Night Recap

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