• [Photo Challenge] A little over a week left in the challenge, so get ’em in!
  • [The Office] It’s back!  TV has been rather boring outside of sports lately, so I’m greatly excited about the 1-hour season premiere of The Office this Thursday.  I watched a couple episodes from last season over the past week to get hyped!  So, what shows are you guys looking forward to?  Anything I should get hooked on?
  • [Cubbies] We CLINCHED!
  • [Bears] I don’t want to talk about it.  We should be 3-0.
  • [Fantasy] After an 0-2 start, I broke out with a killer week this time, having the top score in the league, and the 2nd highest overall!  My team is pretty stacked even though I don’t have all the high-profile big name players – my guys just produce.  I’m looking to take this thing from here on out!
  • [Rest] Yep…finally a weekend of rest.  I like it.  Got to hang out with my nieces on Saturday, watch my Cubbies, and on Sunday I had church, Bears (I said I don’t want to talk about it), some dancing, and then spending time with my fiance.  These are nice breaks in a busy schedule.  Won’t have another one of those until December, I think.
  • [Revival] My home church is hosting a revival retreat (themed “Refocus”), and I wanted to give you all a heads up!  It’s an amazing time to regain that energy and focus to push through the rest of the year and finish strong.  It’s open to anyone and everyone, so spread the word and make sure you’re there.  The retreat will be held from October 2nd-4th, and you can check the site for more details.
  • [Pic] Ummm…a post without a pic?  That would just be rude.  I messed around with some off-camera lighting on Saturday with a self portrait (I need models…) of sorts…what do you think?  Head shots can be fun/interesting, don’t you think?

[08.09.22] Monday Night Recap

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