• [Internet] For some reason, my internet has been acting up since last night…majority of the time I can’t access any page, and sometimes it takes 5 minutes to load my homepage. It took me forever to even get to the site to post this blog…hopefully it all works well when I actually try to post it (didn’t work, hence the reason its posted on Tuesday morning).
  • [SALT] Friday evening and Saturday I spent at SALT (South Asian Leadership Training), which was held at the Comfort Inn in Des Plaines, IL. I love working with college kids, and it was a great time for me to re-connect with some U of I kids. The event was co-hosted by Cornerstone Fellowship and Campus Crusades of UIC. I’ll have a photo post recap later this week (when my internet works a lot better, hopefully). For now, my ‘press pass’:

  • [PassingTheTorch] It’s finally over. I spent 2007 serving as the vice president of my church’s youth fellowship, and this past Sunday was ‘officially’ my last day in that position. It was a very stretching year for myself and our church in general, and I know that God has some amazing things in store for the year to come.
  • [PhotoChallenge] Last Friday I thought of having a monthly photo challenge where I post a theme and get blog readers to send in their photo interpretation of said theme, and it was met with a great response. So I’ll be posting the first theme tomorrow morning, with more details/directions as to how the process will work. I’m so excited!
  • [NewBook] I did finish my book for February, which was “unChristian” by David Kinnaman. I’ll have the recap posted shortly as well (I’ve got so much to blog!). My book for March is “Never Eat Alone”, which covers the concept of purposeful relationships and building relational networks.
  • [Girlfriend] My girlfriend came home this weekend for the SALT Conference, and I was able to spend some good, quality time with her. I saw her at SALT Friday and Saturday, on Sunday went to her sister’s place for dinner (Jaden is slowly starting to like me…I think…), and then she came over on Monday. Good times indeed! In a couple a weeks she’ll be back for Spring Break…that’s one whole week! I love it!

[03.03.08] Monday Night Recap

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