One In Love 2006

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Don’t ask the Lord for things you’re not ready to receive. He is faithful even when you don’t really want Him to be.
Too much information to stuff into a blog of sorts. But God is good. Everyday was just a constant reminder of the grace of Christ through the cross, and added desire to trust. I said “Lord, show me what you want me to see”, and He said “Here.” Overload.
Officially, I think I just wanted to go and experience OIL. See what the big hoopla was about, get my praise on, chill with random people, and leave. But no. God gave me what I asked. Nothing easy about this trip. I mean, first time at OIL, and I get placed in a room with 4 pastors (or pastors in training)…one from UIC, one from Maryland, one from Pennsylvania, and one from San Jose. And then there’s me. Did someone accidentally tell them that I was in seminary or something (…which I obviously am not). But my goodness, it was simply amazing to sit in their presence and just listen and learn. After mornings/afternoons of challenging and convicting messages, I was blessed to return to my room at night and get bonus teaching. God is good.
Since I didn’t have all of India there this time, I was able to go out and meet people from all over. Blessed by blessings, blessed to be a blessing. Such encouragement to see God working, to hear people’s stories, to share of God’s faithfulness.
Worship and Prayer – too much to say about it. Still speechless. Still in awe.

Lost in wonder…the future is secure, it’s simply the journey where I have uncertainties. But God is good.

And I know my God saved the day
and I know His Word never fails
and I know my God made a way for me (it’s gonna be alright)
Salvation is here.

If you want to know, simply ask.