Good To The Last Drop

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(I’m taking a break from the Prodigal Son multi-faceted ultra-amazing specially-blessed posts, to put up a personal blessing.)
\\Stolen from|Inspired by pmin\

Plain and simple, we are sinful beings. From the beginning of time, Adam and Eve ate the fruit, and we all entered a life of sin, separated from God. And the only way we could ever be reunited with God in eternity was to be redeemed by the blood of Christ. So Jesus Christ lived the perfect life on earth, faced and overcame every temptation known to man, and then died on the cross, so that we all could live in eternity with Him. If we believe in our declare with our mouths that Jesus is Lord and believe in our hearts that God raised Christ from the dead, we will be saved. Plain and simple.
The question that comes to mind is, how powerful is Jesus’ blood? How much blood is needed to wash away my sins? First off, we need to stop being so prideful and arrogant. We do this in two ways. One, we act as if our sins really aren’t that big of a deal, and that our good deeds will even out our bad ones. Jesus said that if you have broken one of the laws, you have broken all of them and deserve ultimate death. Although we might see different levels of sins, in God’s eyes, every sin is massive. But then there’s the other form of arrogance and pride: you think you’re sins are too great for God to forgive and redeem you. How weak do you think our God is? Nothing you do will ever be too much that God can’t forgive you. There is nothing that you have done where God looked down in complete surprise and thought, “Whoa, never thought of that one…I wonder if I can forgive that.” We need to have the proper perspective of both our sin and God’s power. Both are extremely huge. Regardless of how great we think we are, the power of sin is so much more powerful than us that there is nothing we can do to overcome our punishment. But the power of God is so much more powerful than the power of sin that there is nothing that God can’t do to redeem us and justify us in His eyes.
Back to the question, how much blood is needed to wash away my sins? Well, plain and simple…one drop. One drop was more than enough because there is just so much power in it. Every person that has every walked the earth, every person that ever will walk the earth, and for every sin, big or little in our eyes, that man has ever created, one drop was more than enough to cover it all. That’s how powerful my God is.
That being the case, if I were Jesus, the whole “Passion” would have looked a whole lot different. I’d probably keep most of the gospel story the same for dramatic effect, but I think I’d change the ending. Like, I’d be in the garden praying with Peter, James and John, and then Judas would come with all the soldiers to kill me. At that moment, I’d quickly grab a pin, prick my finger, let a drop fall on the ground and scream out “IT IS FINISHED!”. Then I’d rise into the clouds and chill with God until it was time for the second coming.
But God didn’t go that route. God knew how illogical we are. Although one drop was more than enough, He made sure that we wouldn’t miss out on it. We might think that if there was only one drop, what if I don’t get touched by it? One drop is pretty small. So instead of just letting there be one drop, for our sake God opened up the floodgates and let the blood of Christ overflow. You might think you can dodge a drop, but stand in a flood and try not to touch the water…impossible, I tell you. There’s grace right there.
God goes above and beyond the bare minimum for our sake. He always gives us more than we need, more than we deserve. If we had the vision and understanding of God, we’d know the exact amounts of stuff that we need to overcome things…the exact amount of strength, energy, wisdom, discernment, gifts, talents, etc. But because we’re stupid and think that it’s never enough, God unleashes a flurry of things for us. Grace. Mercy. Empowerment.
The first drop was all we needed. Every other drop was simply a reminder…you might think you got missed, but here’s another one so you know you’ve been washed clean. And another one. And another one. Forgiven. Forgiven. Forgiven.