Another national holiday means another chance for my college friends to hang out. We weren’t able to get 100% attendance again, but got a good majority to celebrate and catch up.

The food:

Here’s a cake shaped like a hamburger! (nobody really ate it, but it sure looked cool…)

In addition to the 4th, we were celebrating 6 birthdays (one from January, one from February, 2 from June, and 2 in July), a welcome back to our friend who is in London the past year, and a ‘congrats on a new job’ to a friend who wasn’t even there today [but at least we caught up!]. My girlfriend asked to borrow my camera (literally took it out of my hands) because she wanted to take the picture of myself and Ekta (the July birthdays) blowing out the candles on our cakes. She still hasn’t grasped the concept of the back focus…

Hers was actually a set of cupcakes…

My cake had these basketball candles on it…getting me hype for summer league (rosters will be posted tonight!)…

And this is what everyone actually looks like when we have our conversations…

Happy 4th everyone!

4th of July

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