• [Website] So what’s been keeping me busy to start ’08? The new website!
  • [Design] Don’t you just love beautiful objects that are functional? Some things are made as art, and art alone. Functional design is the greatest.
  • [Gladiators] I continue to enjoy it. I guess I’m a bit old school because I think the acting is over-the-top, but I still love the competitive nature of it all. Maybe one day…
  • [Girlfriend] Another great weekend because my girlfriend was in town. Now we take about a 3 week hiatus before my U of I trip #1 of the semester.
  • [Touch] As many know, Apple came out with an update for the iPod Touch which adds a sort of wi-fi GPS, as well as putting Mail, Maps, Notes and Stocks on the home screen. My only issue is it’s $20 software update. It’s not a huge amount, obviously, but is it really worth it? I don’t know. I’m going to hold off hoping they’ll make an announcement…but I do want to see how the wi-fi GPS works. Ahhhh…
  • [SuperBowl] Patriots continue rolling. They don’t look dominating like at the beginning of the season, but they still don’t seem beatable. and I can’t believe the Pack lost in that type of weather…it’s looking like a very boring Super Bowl Sunday coming up.

[01.21.08] Monday Night Recap

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